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Taxation Services

Take the stress out of tax time by allowing us to prepare your returns on time and with accuracy. Having your tax returns professionally prepared by a CPA helps ensure you take full advantage of all tax deductions and credits. We save you time and make sure you haven't missed a key item. Our taxation services consist of: 

 • Personal, small business, and corporate tax filings

 • E-file services for fast refunds

 • CRA direct deposit utilization

 • Year end RRSP support services

 • Electronic record keeping

 • CRA Audit support services

 • Questions answered in plain English 

Reduce your stress this tax season by letting us complete your tax returns accurately and on time, while maximizing deductions and credits. 

Bookkeeping Services


Has your business grown faster than you anticipated? Are you finding it difficult to get the paperwork done? Do you loath the large pile of paperwork accumulating on your desk? 

Our bookkeeping services help address your business's growing pains. 

  • Feel organized and let us ensure an accurate and compliant summary of your accounting records.
  • Assess your requirements around GST, PST, Payroll, and WCB filings.
  • Meet your tax compliance filing deadlines.
  • Meet your employment standards requirements through our payroll and T4 preparations services.

We work with you to meet the needs of your business. Whether you need monthly, quarterly, or annual bookkeeping we are here to provide clarity and free up your valuable time.

Accounting Services


Has your bank recently requested financial statements? Are you looking for a CPA to prepare efficient, accurate, and reliable financial statements? We can help! We provide financial statement preparation services that let you know how your business has performed over the past year. Our accounting services include: 

  • Previous year comparatives with each set of financial statements for better analysis. 
  • Support services to answer questions related to your corporate bookkeeping throughout the year. 
  • Adjusting journal entries with detailed explanations to help you understand the most efficient and accurate way to organize your accounting records. 

Consulting Services


Our consulting services can assist you with either your personal or business planning goals. We can help you think through your decisions by answering your questions in plain English. 

Common questions we address include: 

  • Is a TFSA or a RRSP right for me?
  • Should I incorporate?
  • What bookkeeping program should I choose?
  • Is the individual working for me an employee or subcontractor? 
  • Are salaries or dividends right for me?
  • What are the tax consequences of selling my home?


We utilize a variety of different software applications to provide the best client experience we can in a protected and secure manner. Some of the programs we work with include:

  • Sage50 for bookkeeping
  • TaxCycle and Doxcycle for tax preparation and document storage
  • Caseware and Keystone for financial statement preparation
  • SafeSend for secure electronic file delivery
  • Electronic filing and communication services available through CRA

We have experience with a multitude of bookkeeping, accounting, and taxation software programs. We can help you select a program that is best for your business. 

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