What We Do

There's much to see here. We offer a variety of services and package to fit our client's individual needs. So, take your time and look around.


Personal Taxation Services

Take the stress out of tax time by allowing us to prepare your returns on time and with accuracy. Having your tax returns professionally prepared by a CPA helps ensure you take full advantage of all tax deductions and credits while minimizing your CRA audit risk. We'll save you time and make sure you haven't missed a key item. 

Our taxation services include: 

  • An introductory meeting for new clients
  • Efficient and effective tax return preparation 
  • A finalization meeting to summarize our findings and recommendations before e-filing
  • A half hour complementary tax planning consultation (available July - February)
  • $150 worth of pre / post assessment audit fees

Reduce your stress by letting us complete your tax returns accurately and on time, while maximizing deductions and credits. 


Corporate Taxation and Financial Statement Services

Has your bank recently requested financial statements? Are you looking for a CPA to prepare efficient, accurate, and reliable financial statements or a corporate income tax return? We can help! 

We provide corporate tax and financial statement preparation services that let you know how your business has performed over the past year while minimizing your taxes and audit risk. We offer a variety of packages to fit our client's unique needs. 

Our services include: 

  • An introductory meeting for new clients
  • Efficient and effective tax return preparation 
  • Previous year comparatives with each set of financial statements 
  • A finalization meeting to summarize our findings and recommendations before e-filing
  • Adjusting journal entries with detailed explanations to help you understand the most efficient and accurate way to organize your accounting records.
  • A half hour complementary tax planning consultation (available July - February)
  • $200 worth of support services to answer bookkeeping inquiries throughout the year.  


Consulting Services

Our consulting services can assist you with either your personal or business planning goals.  

RRSP Consulting:   Our RRSP consultation helps you determine whether an RRSP contribution would be beneficial to your personal finances – both today and in the future. Our services include an exploratory meeting, tax estimate, and an email report with our findings and recommendations. We’ll help you balance your current financial needs with your long-term retirement goals to make the best decision for you.  

Retirement Consulting: Our retirement consultation help you understand the tax implications resulting from your changing income during retirement. Our services include a half hour exploratory meeting, tax estimates, and a follow up consultation to explore our findings and recommendations. Our approach compliments your financial planning strategy to help you form a holistic plan to optimize your golden years.   

Market Analysis Comparative: Has your business been struggling recently? Cash flows aren't quite what you have been hoping for? Are you concerned that your staffing or inventory costs may be out of whack with industry norms? Our market analysis compares your income statement to industry averages to identify key areas of concern to help jump-start your businesses success.  

Complimentary Consultation: Just needing a little bit of help to get you on the right track? We offer complimentary half-hour consultations to address questions such as:

  • Should I incorporate?
  • Do I need to sign up for GST? PST? WCB?
  • What bookkeeping program should I choose?
  • What are the basics of keeping my bookkeeping records?
  • Is the individual working for me an employee or subcontractor? 
  • Are salaries or dividends right for me? What is the difference?


Small Business Accounting Department Packages

Are you looking for the full package? Bookkeeping, taxation, consulting, and on-call support? We do that! 

Has your business grown faster than you anticipated? Are you finding it difficult to get the paperwork done? Do you loath the large pile of paperwork accumulating on your desk? In your car? In a drawer? Are your taxes causes you heart palpitations? Not sure where your business is heading or what your income statement looks like?

Our accounting department services help address your business's growing pains. We are your on-call support network that handles your accounting needs so you can focus on taking your business to the next level. 

We Are Tech-Savvy

 We utilize a variety of different software applications to provide the best client experience we can in a protected and secure manner. Some of the programs we work with include:

  • Sage50 for bookkeeping
  • TaxCycle and Doxcycle for tax preparation and document storage
  • Caseware and Keystone for financial statement preparation
  • SafeSend for secure electronic file delivery
  • Electronic filing and communication services available through CRA

We have experience with a multitude of bookkeeping, accounting, and taxation software programs. We can help you select a program that is best for your business.  

What we don't do

As a small, boutique accounting firm we are sometimes faced with capacity constraints. To help provide the best possible service to our clients we limit the services we provide. 

Please note that we do not provide services to clients with needs in the following areas:

  • Individuals or businesses who are multiple years behind on their tax filings
  • Individuals or businesses that have significant CRA debt
  • Individuals or businesses that are immigrating or emigrating from Canada
  • Individuals or businesses own foreign property over $100,000 (rental properties or stock investments that are independently managed)
  • Businesses that are part of a large (more than 3 corporation) corporate group
  • Clients that are looking for bookkeeping services exclusively. 

If those situations do not apply to you then great! We can't wait to meet you. 

Set up an appointment today to talk about your business needs. Half hour consultations are complementary.